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February's Topics:

Traveling for business in 2024? What’s deductible?
How to secure a tax benefit with the QBI deduction
Tracking down donation substantiation
There may still be time to lower your 2023 tax bill


January's Topics:

Retirement saving options for your small business
Hiring? How to benefit from the Work Opportunity Tax Credit
Have you recently reviewed your life insurance needs?
The Child Tax Credit is still available


December's Topics:

Use the tax code to make business losses less painful
Education benefits help attract, retain and motivate your employees
Consider the flexibility of a self-directed IRA
3 strategies for handling estimated tax payments


November's Topics

Is disability income taxable?
How to secure a business bad debt deduction
One-time thing: IRA to HSA transfers
Follow IRS Rules to Nail Down a Charitable Tax Deduction


October's Topics:

Do you run a business from home?
The deductibility of medical expenses
Don’t get carried away by a windfall
State taxes affect business sales, too
Tax Calendar