Considering a Roth IRA conversion
Thu, Apr 1, 2021

Future retirees have long grappled with whether to opt for a traditional or Roth IRA. Those who have a traditional IRA and have seen a decline in the value of their investments may want to consider a conversion to a Roth. This article reviews how these accounts work and the strategy in question.

Worker classification is still important
Thu, Apr 1, 2021

 If a business engages independent contractors to address staffing needs, it needs to be careful that these workers are properly classified for federal tax purposes. This article reviews the general rules for distinguishing an independent contractor from an employee.

Be prepared for taxes on Social Security benefits
Thu, Apr 1, 2021

No one likes a surprise when filing a tax return. One thing that takes many older people off-guard is getting taxed on their Social Security benefits. This article explains how to calculate provisional income to determine whether your Social Security income is indeed subject to taxation.

How the CAA affects education funding
Thu, Apr 1, 2021

The Consolidated Appropriations Act, signed into law late last year, contains a multitude of provisions that may affect individuals. This article discusses how the law affects college education funding; specifically, student loans and tax credits.

PPP loans: One year later
Mon, Mar 1, 2021

About a year ago, the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) was launched in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Business owners who took out such a loan are likely curious about the tax consequences, particularly for forgiven loans. This article provides pertinent information. A sidebar announces the launch of “second-draw” PPP loans.

Home’s where a tax break might be
Mon, Mar 1, 2021

The interest that homeowners pay on their home mortgages may provide a tax break in the form of the mortgage interest deduction. However, a taxpayer must itemize deductions on his or her tax return and follow a few other rules. This article provides some details.

Have a foreign account? File an FBAR
Mon, Mar 1, 2021

In an increasingly global society, many taxpayers hold foreign accounts. This article explains the rules regarding who must file a Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) with the government.

Reconsidering your personal emergency fund
Mon, Mar 1, 2021

When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, many people’s emergency funds were suddenly put the test. Now, presumably with the benefit of some hindsight, the financially savvy might want to reconsider their approach to saving. This brief article discusses some key points to keep in mind.

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