1955 Abraham L. Piaker started A.L. Piaker & Company. Philip M. Piaker, the first chairman of the accounting department of the School of Management at SUNY Binghamton, was a consultant who worked with the newly formed Company.
1964 A.L. Piaker & Company merged with Bangilsdorf & Rappaport. Allan R. Lyons joined the Firm in 1964 and the name was changed to Bangilsdorf, Piaker, Lyons and Rappaport.
1969 Firm moved its office from Binghamton, New York to Vestal, New York
1970’s   Firm’s name was changed to Piaker, Lyons & Company
1980 Firm’s name was changed to Piaker & Lyons
1985 Opened an office in Norwich, New York
1989 Opened an office in Oneonta, New York
1990 Opened an office in Syracuse, New York
2003 Merged the Oneonta office into the Norwich office
2005 Firm moved its Vestal, New York office to its current location in downtown Binghamton, New York
2017 Relocated Syracuse office from downtown Syracuse to North Syracuse
2022 Merged the Norwich office into the Binghamton office